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Savannahs covers about one fifth's of the earth's land mass and are areas often found between forests and deserts or grasslands. They are normally identified by having trees, that unlike forests, do not form a canopy and are spaced out from each other. The savannah in Africa tend to have one rainy season which has a long dry season in-between.  Savannah animals of Africa include the Big Five as well as wild cats, antelopes, giraffes, impala, meerkats, ostriches, hyenas, zebras as well numerous bird, reptile and insect species. Some African savannahs are famous such as the Serengeti that straddles north Tanzania and south-west Kenya, not least due to its annual migration when over a million wildebeest follow three quarters of a million zebra on a five hundred mile journey during the months of  January to March each year to find grazing ground during which time many of their number die from exhaustion thirst and hunger.



Savannah Animals of Africa Game

In this savannah animals of Africa game you are presented with images of different species that live in the African savannah and need to identify which grouping they belong to either mammal, reptile, bird or insect. If you choose incorrectly you are presented with the correct answer.

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