Africa Animals Quiz


Africa Animals Quiz

1. How fast can a cheetah run?
a) 28 mph
b) 40 mph
c) 43 mph
d) 64 mph

2. How long on average is a giraffe's tongue?
a) 15 inches
b) 17 inches
c) 19 inches
d) 21 inches

3. What' is the normal life span of a male lion?
a) Ten years
b) Twelve years
c) Fourteen years
d) Sixteen years

4. What colour is hyena 'poop' ?
a) White
b) Brown
c) Black
d) Green

5. What is the hippo's closest animal relative?
a) The wild boar
b) The elephant
c) The rhinoceros
d) The whale

6. What can't an elephant do?
a) Run
b) Jump
c) Swim
d) See the colour orange

7. What animal can last longer without water than a camel?
a) A hippo
b) A rhino
c) A giraffe
d) An elephant

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