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This live streaming lion webcam is situated in the Smithsonian National Zoo which is home to ten lions; Shera and Nababiep are the two adult female lions, Luke is the single adult male (lucky Luke!) and there seven cubs ~ four females and three males. Four of these cubs were born to Shera whilst Naba gave birth to her three also in 2010. Like many others we prefer to see animals maintained in the wild as hundreds of thousands are in national parks across Africa. Today there are just 21,000 lions living in Africa, half of what it was in the 1950s and a dramatic decline from 10,000 years ago when the lion was the second most populous mammal on the planet after humans, living in Africa, Greece, the middle east and even India (see map below.)




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Lion Webcam

Live Lion Webcam

Part of the reason for the recent decline in numbers has been the recurring droughts in Africa killing off the lion's prey leading to malnutrition together with disease such as distemper. Human encroachment into wildlife areas is another factor creating a loss of natural habitat as well as hunting, poaching and even poisoning by livestock keepers attempting to protect their stock from being killed by the lions whilst hunting.

Lions themselves live for 10-14yrs and can run at 50 miles per hour over short distances. The live in 'prides' normally of about 15 lions headed by a male with the rest being female or cubs. Each female will give birth to 3-4 cubs at a time who will remain with their mother for a few years before going off and later establishing their own pride.

To visit this lion webcam either click on the picture or here, but be aware that the webcam may be dark if night time in the USA or temporarily closed for maintenance.