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Waterhole Webcam

This waterhole webcam is situated in the Satara area of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The area was given its name by an unknown travelling Indian who marked the location on his map with the Hindu word 'satra' meaning 'seventeen'.

When this waterhole webcam is operational you can normally see antelopes resting at the waterhole, their thirst during the winter months when the veld is dry making them oblivious to the waiting lions and leopards who are ready to pounce on them for food. In fact this area is one of the most populated areas in terms of lions, cheetahs and leopards.

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Kruger National Park

Waterhole Webcam

African Waterhole Webcam

To visit this waterhole webcam either click on the picture or here, but be aware that the webcam may be dark if night time in South Africa or temporarily closed for maintenance.

 The table below gives the numbers of the main animals that can be found in the vicinity of this waterhole webcam.

Species Number Species Number
African Buffalo 27,000 African Wild Dog 150
Zebra 17,797 Bushback 500
Cheetah 120 Eland 300 >
Giraffe 5,114 Greater Kudu 5,798
Blue Wildebeest 9,612 Impala 1,500,000
Hippopotamus 3,000 Lion 2,000
Leopard 2,000 Spotted Hyena 2,000
Elephant 11,672 Waterbuck 5,000
Black Rhino 350 White Rhino 7,000 >