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Watering Hole Webcam

This watering hole webcam is situated in the 75,000 acre Mashatu Game Reserve which itself is located within the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana which borders South Africa. The game reserve describes itself as the 'home of the giants' not least because it really is home seven of Africa's largest; the African Elephant, lion, giraffe, the Baobab Tree, the eland, ostrich and the Kori Bustard. At this watering hole you can expect to see some of these giants including elephants and lions as well as eland, impala, warthogs and baboons and the Kori Bustard, Africa's heaviest flying bird. The watering hole camera changes from time to time as its monitored by volunteers across the world who occasionally zoom in to see close up shots of African wildlife who use the watering hole.




Watering Hole Webcam

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Great for personal use, this webcam is also a great resource for teachers so well worth bookmarking this page! Although this is probably our favourite watering hole webcam, not least because its lit up at night so you can see animals at all time of day of night ~ especially the lions who are more active at night to avoid the daytime heat ~ our other webcams are also worth checking out, some also show watering holes in nature game reserves in South Africa. Bear in mind though, that from time to time this watering hole webcam is off air for short periods of maintenance.

To get a better idea of where this watering hole webcam is located check out our interactive map below and for a better insight into the Mashatu Game Reserve check out the video. It gives a good idea of what its like in the reserve together with its wildlife.