African Animals Quiz

Take our online African animals quiz and find out how much you know about Africa's animals. Did you know, for example, the giraffe's tongue is blue in colour? No? Then maybe you were also not aware that the giraffe's neck has evolved with special vein and valve structures so that it won't faint when it bends so far over drink water. How about the fact that elephants are one of the few animals on Earth who recognize themselves in the mirror? How about the fact that crocodiles predate dinosaurs by 60 million years or that the African hippopotamus is deadly to humans and kill more people every year than any other African animal or that they are known to have been indulging in water birth long before humans came up with the idea?

For the gooey amongst you, you may like to know that baby elephants suck their trunks just like human infants suck their thumbs which is probably good practise for adulthood as, when the weather gets too hot and they can't cool off, an elephant can push its trunk down its throat to suck up digested water to pull out and spray over their body. Other African animals quiz questions might have included that there is a frog in Cameroon which measures a foot long and, unsurprisingly, is called the 'Goliath Frog', but they don't even though your knowledge of African animals has probably just increased somewhat. Okay, time for the real African animals quiz (answers will be given at the end) and then maybe take our online African animals video quiz above. Good luck!

1. How fast can a cheetah run?
a) 28 mph
b) 40 mph
c) 43 mph
d) 64 mph

2. How long on average is a giraffe's tongue?
a) 15 inches
b) 17 inches
c) 19 inches
d) 21 inches

3. What' is the normal life span of a male lion?
a) Ten years
b) Twelve years
c) Fourteen years
d) Sixteen years

4. What colour is hyena 'poop' ?
a) White
b) Brown
c) Black
d) Green

5. What is the hippo's closest animal relative?
a) The wild boar
b) The elephant
c) The rhinoceros
d) The whale

6. What can't an elephant do?
a) Run
b) Jump
c) Swim
d) See the colour orange

7. What animal can last longer without water than a camel?
a) A hippo
b) A rhino
c) A giraffe
d) An elephant

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