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Adopt a Giraffe

The world's tallest mammal, the giraffe is uniquely placed to reach vegetation literally out of the reach of other animals, given their necks are 2.4 metres long. A hundred years ago 20-30 giraffes would live together in a herd.

Today that is down to just half a dozen, not least because of hunting and poaching. In fact giraffes in Africa have dwindled by 40 per cent in just 30 years. Human population growth is also taking its toll with habitats making room for human expansion, destroying acacia trees that are the giraffe's main source of food.

By adopting a giraffe with this Adopt a Giraffe gift pack you can help preverve the giraffe's natural habitats. Ordering details and further information about what's included below.



Adopt a Giraffe

Adopt a Giraffe

When you buy this gift pack you will be helping the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) which is a registered charity that works to protect wildlife including giraffes.

This adopt a giraffe gift pack includes:

  • A welcome letter and explanation of the gift
  • Gift registration form
  • Giraffes: Heads for Heights booklet
  • Action for the Wild leaflet
  • Giraffe souvenir poster

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