Adopt a Monkey


Adopt a Monkey

It is not known exactly how many species and sub-species of monkey there are on the planet, however it is estimated there are currently around 264 although over the past few decades this number has started to decline at an alarming rate. This decline can be attributed to four main reasons, hunting for meat, the destruction of habitat and to a lesser degree their killing to use body parts for 'traditional medicine' and finally from deaths resulting from injuries sustained whilst attempting to capture them for sale as pets. There are currently fifty two species of monkey that are facing extinction over the next few years, unless people such as yourself are prepared to dig deep and sponsor a monkey through the People's Trust for Endangered Species.

This adopt a monkey gift pack includes:

  • A welcome letter and explanation of the gift
  • Gift registration form
  • Information about the People's Trust for Endangered Species
  • A booklet about the endangered monkeys and apes
  • Presentation certificate
  • An A3 wall map picturing all of the animals

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