Africa Dinosaurs

Africa Dinosaurs

Recent discoveries suggest that modern day Zambia and Tanzania in Africa may have been the early birthplace of the dinosaur long before they roamed the rest of the earth, however most failed to survive a mass extinction some 252 million years ago at the end of the Permian period. Today large swathes of Africa remain unexplored so doubtlessly the forthcoming years will lead to new discoveries as to the extent of the reach of dinosaurs across the continent which you may wish to explore when volunteering in Africa as some of the sites are becoming available to the public.

We're working on making this a comprehensive and complete A to Z list of Africa dinosaurs together with information and pictures about each of the dinosaurs, but it's still a work in progress and you can probably tell as we've only just reached African dinosuars beginning with the letter 'B'! In the meantime, check out if there's a real, living dinosaur still alive in Africa? Find out about the Mokele Mbembe

Mokele Mbembe

Mokele Mbembe

Facts, video and pictures of the alleged Mokele Mbembe dinosour that is reported to still live around the Lake Tele area of the Republic of Congo.

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Africa Dinosaurs: Aardonyx

Aardonyx Dinosaur

The Aardonyx lived during the early Jurassic period mainly in modern day South Africa.

Africa Dinosaurs: Abrictosaurus

Abrictosaurus Dinosaur

The Abrictosaurus dinosaur lived during the early Jurassic period in modern South Africa.

Africa Dinosaurs: Aegyptosaurus

Aegyptosaurus Dinosaur

This dinosaur lived during the mid to late Cretaceous period in modern day Niger, Egypt & Sahara.

Africa Dinosaurs: Afrovenator

Afrovenator Dinosaur

The 30ft long Afrovenator lived during the mid-Jurassic period in locations around modern day Niger.

Africa Dinosaurs: Algoasaurus

Algoasaurus Dinosaur

The 30ft long Algoasaurus lived during the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous period around South Africa.

Africa Dinosaurs: Allosaurus

Allosaurus Dinosaur

This 39ft dinosaur also lived in America and modern day Tanzania around 155 million years ago.

Africa Dinosaurs: Arcusaurus

Arcusaurus Dinosaur

The herbivore Arcusaurus lived 190-200 million years ago in modern day South Africa.

Africa Dinosaurs: Angolatitan

Angolatitan Dinosaur

The Angolatitan was discovered in modern day Angola in 2011 and lived some 90 million years ago.

Africa Dinosaurs: Antetonitrus

Antetonitrus Dinosaur

The 30ft long Antetonitrus was a sauropod that lived 205 million years ago in South Africa.

Africa Dinosaurs: Atlasaurus

Atlasaurus Dinosaur

165 million years ago the 50ft long and 10-15 ton Atlasaurus strode around modern day Morocco.

Africa Dinosaurs: Australodocus

Australodocus Dinosaur

This herbivore, weighed 10 tons and grew to 50ft long and lived 150 million years in modern day Tanzania.

Africa Dinosaurs: Bahariasaurus

Bahariasaurus Dinosaur

This dinosaur lived in North Africa about 95 million years ago and weighed 7 tons growing to forty feet long.


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