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On this page we continue our series of free Africa themed ani gifs or animations that you can use on your own projects. To download any of these ani gifs simply hover your mouse over the images, right click and save to your harddrive or double tap on your device.

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Big Five Animals

Big Five Animals

Find out all about the Big Five animals of Africa including how they got that name!

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African Animals Quiz

African Animals Quiz

How much do you know about the animals of Africa? Take our online quiz and find out!

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Animal Webcams

Watch African animals
LIVE in their natural habits
across Africa.

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Adopt an Animal
Adopt an Animal

Help keep animals in Africa
safe by adopting an
African animal.

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Animal News

Daily updated news
from across Africa
about its animals.

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Animal Games!

Visit our sister site Africa Games Online
for a range of cool Africa animal games
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