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Our elephant webcam comes to you from the Tembe National Elephant Park, an elephant reserve on the old Ivory Route between Mozambique and the Zulu Territory where 200 elephants live alongside 340 bird species and the 'Big 5' which you may also be able to spot when watching our elephant webcam. Tembe National Elephant Park was established in 1983 to protect elephants which used to migrate between Maputaland and southern Mozambique and is owned by the Tembe tribal community and managed by a government conservation agency. Noted for its swamps and forests dominated by thickets of tall trees, Tembe is a wild, largely underdeveloped wilderness that is the ancentral home of the Tembe tribe who provide excursions around the park. The park is two hours ahead of GMT in the UK so if you are visiting the elephant webcam late in the day, it may just show nightfall, so come back in the morning!




Tembe Elephant Park

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The webcam itself is situated on the side of one of the waterholes in the area and, if you wait long enough, as well as the elephant you may also have the opportunity to spot the white rhino and even the smaller and rarer black rhino. Some claim to have seen the elusive leopard as well as the shy Suni, Africa's smallest antelope. After you've viewed our elephant webcam (when it's operational) check out our video of Tembe National Elephant park above and explore the area using our interactive map.


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