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Namibia Desert Webcam

This desert webcam streams live from the Gondwana Namib Park in Namibia that borders the Namib Sand Sea World Heritage Site. The watering hole iteself is not a natural feature, rather built in 2006 to support game species that were once indigenous to the area then reintroduced. Further work was undertaken in 2021 including a small island feature in the centre of the watering hole that helps in reducing evaporation and also gives birds somehere to rest and refresh themselves without the other animals interrupting them. Don't worry about the watering hole running dry even though it is located in a desert as it is fed from a reservoir about 150 metres away. At times you will be able to see gazelles, giraffes, wildebeests, mountain zebras, ostriches, warthogs, porcupines, hyenas, cheetahs, panthers, jackals, and foxes among other wildlife. In case it's not being used, we've also provided a video.




Namibia Desert Webcam

Gondwana Namib Park, nestled in the heart of Namibia, offers a breathtaking panorama of the Namib Desert's diverse landscapes. From the east, where vast plains stretch to distant mountains, to the west, where endless dunes reach the horizon, the park provides a unique two-sided experience of the Namib. It borders the Namib Sand Sea, a World Heritage Site, and is just 60 km south of the iconic Sossusvlei, known for its ephemeral Tsauchab River valley cutting through the sand-sea1. The park is also home to the Desert Whisper, an intimate retreat offering solitude and luxury amidst the desert's vast horizons. As with our other webcams, as it is situated within a remote destination in the Nabib desert, the camera may not be functional from time to time.


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